Clever Paws offers a full programme of agility training using our Kennel Club standard agility equipment. Agility is fun and enjoyable for you and your dog and will enhance your relationship and strengthen your bond with your dog.

We welcome all handlers wishing to enjoy the fun of agility as it is a sport for everyone regardless of age physical fitness or ability. All breeds of dogs are welcome as long as they are fit and healthy. As dogs will be off lead you have to be able to control your dog and it must have a sound temperament to join the classes. We are also able to offer 1-2-1’s for those that would prefer this type of training.

Whilst being great fun agility also provides both physical and mental stimulation for your dog and will therefore improve their overall wellbeing.

We train using positive rewards and our training takes place in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
Come and join in the fun your dogs will love it! for class change updates please see the news section on the front page

The classes will be held outside on a Monday (morning & afternoon) & Thursday (afternoon and evening), depending on the time of year, please call Jane for further details and information. For registration click here to go to our 'join us' page.

Puppy Agility 
For puppies aged under 12 months. This course is designed to introduce your puppy to the sport of agility without any harm being done to bones and joints when they are growing and developing. All the equipment for this course will be low to the ground and will familiarise your dog with the obstacles and commands whilst avoiding any danger from high jumps or risks from falls. Cost of course £70 for 6 x 1 hour lessons.

Introduction to agility 
For Dogs over 12 months will no previous agility experience. This course is aimed at people and dogs new to agility who would like to try it out. The course will introduce all the agility equipment to you and your dog and will teach you the basic commands. The aim is to have fun with your dog as well as to learn new skills. Cost of course £60 for 6 x 1 hour lessons.
Agility Classes 
For dogs that have completed either the introduction course or who have already done some agility training. This course will build on the knowledge that you already have and will develop your dog’s skills. You will be taught more advanced handling skills and obstacle sequencing progressing towards full agility circuits. £60 for 6 x 1 hour lessons.
Children's Agility 
For dogs over 1 year. This course will be run after school (providing there is enough demand) and will be aimed at junior handlers. This will be a fun course and will introduce all the different agility equipment and the basic commands. We will use positive training methods and give your child the chance to learn a fun new hobby with their pet.

For more information about any of these courses call Jane on 01342 893974 or send Jane an email or to register please click here